Coronavirus Information

You must continue to wear a face mask in our practice after 19 July 2021

When attending our GP surgery, you must continue to wear a face mask and follow social distancing rules, unless you are exempt.  Practice staff will continue to use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

This will help to ensure the safety of our patients, visitors and staff, especially those who are more vulnerable to infection.

This is in line with the latest national guidance which applies to all healthcare settings in England.  You can find more about this on the NHS England website here:

We are working extremely hard to provide safe care to our patients. We hope that this helps clarify why these measures are in place.


COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

Our practice is currently supporting the delivery of COVID-19 vaccination programme. This means that at certain times, some of our team will be involved in running vaccine clinics.

The NHS is vaccinating those people who experts have agreed will benefit from it the most. A vaccination programme of this size and scale will still take some time to roll out in full. Please be assured that everyone who needs the vaccine will be offered it. The NHS will be in touch with you when it is your turn to be vaccinated. Please do not call us before you are invited. In the meantime, you can get information about COVID-19 vaccinations online at

Our staff are working extremely hard to provide services and care and we would like to thank our patients for your your continued support.

If you have received a letter from the national booking system about a vaccination appointment and have any questions about this, please contact them on the number given. The practice does not have any information on the centres and is not able to book appointments for patients at these venues.

If you would prefer to have your appointment at our local service, you do not need to do anything – we will contact you as soon as an appointment is available.

For further information on the national booking system appointment process and the options available to you, please click here/see below

Vaccination Invitation Letters from the National Booking System

Please note that you do not have to book an appointment at one of these centres if it is not convenient for you to get there. You can:

choose to wait for an invitation from your GP practice OR

  • choose to wait until one of the West Yorkshire centres open and are added to the national booking system, which will happen over the next few weeks.Please do not contact your local practice about an appointment until you receive an invitation from them. They will not be able to advise you on when you will get an appointment or which centres are available. All this information is available on the national booking system website.The centres in West Yorkshire that are currently on the national booking system are:
  • Boots pharmacy in Halifax
  • Superdrug in the Merrion Centre, Leeds
  • Pharmacy2U at the Village Hotel, Leeds
  • Pharmacy2U at Morrisons, Dewsbury Road, Wakefield

Four large scale vaccination centres will be opening in West Yorkshire between now and mid- February. This will be at:

  • Navigation Walk, Wakefield
  • The John Smith’s Stadium, Huddersfield
  • Jacob’s Well, Bradford
  • Elland Road Football Stadium, Leeds 

The Practice remains open throughout lockdown #2. Requests for appointments will still be triaged by phone but face to face appointments will be available where needed.

We also request that patients do NOT panic order prescriptions.

E-consults remain an effective way of contacting us but patients need to remember to include sufficient detail.

Government advice is that those who previously shielded do not need to do so again but they should take extra precautions to remain safe.

Face Masks must be worn before entering the surgery.  Patients must use their own face masks as, due to limited supplies, the surgery is unable to provide them

Prescriptions - we are having a larger than normal request for medication.  Therefore we are asking you to give us longer to process these for you.  Please let the dispensing staff know if you are running low or have run out so this can be processed quicker.

Covid-19 Vaccination of 16-17-year olds – NHS find a walk-in vaccination site online portal All 16 and 17 year olds are now eligible to receive their Covid-19 Vaccination. 16/17 year olds, who do not fit into a previous cohort (one to nine), will be unable to book an appointment via The National Booking System, as the current JCVI guidance is for this cohort to only receive one dose. Therefore, the NHS has launched an online portal, which this cohort can use to effectively find a vaccination site, to receive their vaccine, via a walk in appointment. The link to this portal is - vaccination-site

  • if you live alone and you have symptoms of coronavirus illness (COVID-19), however mild, stay at home for 7 days from when your symptoms started. (See ending isolation section below for more information)
  • if you live with others and you or one of them have symptoms of coronavirus, then all household members must stay at home and not leave the house for 14 days. The 14-day period starts from the day when the first person in the house became ill
  • it is likely that people living within a household will infect each other or be infected already. Staying at home for 14 days will greatly reduce the overall amount of infection the household could pass on to others in the community
  • for anyone in the household who starts displaying symptoms, they need to stay at home for 7 days from when the symptoms appeared, regardless of what day they are on in the original 14 day isolation period. (See ending isolation section below for more information
  • if you can, move any vulnerable individuals (such as the elderly and those with underlying health conditions) out of your home, to stay with friends or family for the duration of the home isolation period
  • if you cannot move vulnerable people out of your home, stay away from them as much as possible

If you have coronavirus symptoms:

    • do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital
    • you do not need to contact 111 to tell them you’re staying at home
    • testing for coronavirus is not needed if you’re staying at home
  • plan ahead and ask others for help to ensure that you can successfully stay at home and consider what can be done for vulnerable people in the household
  • ask your employer, friends and family to help you to get the things you need to stay at home
  • wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds, each time using soap and water, or use hand sanitiser
  • if you feel you cannot cope with your symptoms at home, or your condition gets worse, or your symptoms do not get better after 7 days, then use the NHS 111 online coronavirus service. If you do not have internet access, call NHS 111. For a medical emergency dial 999.


CoronaVirus and Medical Conditions / Vulnerable Adults

We are receiving high volumes of calls and queries wanting guidance on vulnerable adults, including guidance on medical conditions and coronavirus. As this is a rapidly evolving situation, we advise anyone with such queries to click here and follow the official government guidance.

Worried about financial difficulties during Covid 19?  Talk to your bank/building society or other providers.  Citizens Advice is a free service who can also advise on financial difficulties.

Holme Valley South COVID – 19 Emergency Hardship Fund

Cllr Paul Davies, in collaboration with Longley Farm and Holmfirth Tech, has set up an emergency hardship fund to support Holme Valley South residents in immediate financial need. The one off payment will help go towards basic necessities and give you immediate support while you sort out your entitlement to benefits, or the Government’s Covid 19 response payments or access to other forms of help.

The fund is not designed to be a long-term solution to financial hardship, however we will also seek to signpost you towards further support where appropriate. The fund is administered by Holmfirth Tech and an independent panel will decide whether to make a grant, normally within three working days of receiving your application.

There is also an option for residents to make a donation to the fund if they wish to.

Applications and donations to the fund can be made via the link below:


As you are all aware the current COVID-19 poses one of the greatest challenges that society has faced in recent times, and we have all had to make changes to our daily lives to ensure that we work together to protect the most vulnerable members of society. At the Practice we have had to make a number of responsive changes following recent developments to ensure the maximum safety of our patients, and to protect our staff as much as possible to ensure that the NHS can keep working in an effective manner and can continue to provide the best level of care possible.

As such, during the current period of emergency measures many routine services will be subject to short notice change and many administrative tasks will be streamlined to ensure that we focus more of our time and resources on the delivery of care to those that need it the most.

As part of this streamlining of administration tasks, the Practice will be changing its complaints procedures, during this period of crisis. As of the above date, we will now be reviewing complaints on a weekly basis at our Practice Clinical Meeting, to ensure that any high priority complaints that fall within the following categories can be swiftly discussed and any resulting changes to our Practice can be immediately implemented:

  • Immediate risks to patients or staff
  • Actual harm to patient or “near miss” incident of high severity.
  • Urgent safeguarding concerns
  • Criminal actions

Should your complaint not fall into these categories, then it will be dealt with when we have capacity to do so, and unfortunately at this time, the timeframe for this is uncertain. We appreciate your understanding whilst our Practice is dealing with unprecedented demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vaccination Clinics

Oaklands Health Centre is part of The Valleys primary care network. The network consists of Oaklands Health Centre, Slaithwaite Health Centre, Elmwood Family Doctors, Honley Surgery, Colne Valley Practice and Meltham Group Practice. The network will be using the Holme Valley Memorial Hospital in Holmfirth for some of their clinics. 



Vaccine Information

I am worried that the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine isn’t safe as I’ve heard some countries are stopping using it – should I still have it?

Some European countries have temporarily paused the use of the vaccine as a precautionary measure, following reports of blood clots in a small number of people who had recently had the vaccine.
However, there is no evidence that the blood clots have been caused by the vaccine and the UK regulator, the Medicines Health Regulatory Authority, has said that they are confident the vaccine is safe. This is supported by both the European Medicines
Agency (the European regulator for medicines and vaccines) and the World Health Organisation (WHO), who have said the vaccine should is safe and should continuebe given.
There were 30 reports of clots among almost five million people given the vaccine across Europe but this is actually less than the number that would be expected to happen naturally. Following the concerns regarding blood clots, AstraZeneca has conducted a review of all safety data, which has shown no evidence of an increased risk of blood clots. This covered more than 17 million people vaccinated in the UK
and European Union.
The UK is further ahead its vaccination programme than most other countries and so far over 20 million people in England have been vaccinated. It is very important that people still have their COVID-19 vaccine when asked to do so. This is the only protection available against the serious illness caused by Covid-19, which has sadly led to the death of millions of people around the world, and people will continue to be
at risk from the disease if they do not take up the offer of a vaccine.

Stay safe and ensure you have your vaccination.